Q: Taking honey is not cruel to the bees! Our beekeepers are SO important to the vitality of our farms and crops. Without beekeepers there would be few bees left to pollinate the plants that we eat. Please support the beekeepers by buying their honey.


Look, I’m not trying to fight with you or anything because when I first went vegan I actually thought this too, but I just want to inform you about why this just isn’t true in my opinion, and why honey is wrong to take even in the best, most “humane” conditions. I wish wish wish you were right here, because not having to worry about bee products in my food and beauty supplies would make my life so much easier, but the truth is important and I do feel like I’d be doing you (as well as the bees) a disservice if I didn’t tell give you the facts.

First off, most honey and bee products (like beeswax) come from large commercial apiaries. There are actually some very cruel practices involved in the mainstream apiary industry, but since I’ve promised that this is a gore and violence free blog, I can’t go into that here—but if you need to know more I suggest you ask adviceforvegans about this (a very helpful blog.) However, even if these cruel practices did not exist—such as might be the case in a small, local apiary that focuses on “humane” bee farming (and these producers probably only make up less than `1% of all honey consumed in the US so would not be in your typical grocery store honey graham crackers and such) are still taking the hard work of the bees, replacing it with a cheap sugar alternative to honey, and then making money off of it, and the fact is, it’s not only not ours to take but it’s totally unnecessary for us to take it!

Plenty of honey alternatives exist, and bees are not dying off because they don’t have homes—they’re dying off because Monsanto (and I’m sure other corporations) are using their influence to essentially force farmers to use their extremely toxic bee-killing pesticides. Bees do not need our help to survive in the wild, as a matter of fact they were doing quite alright before we showed up. We will need to provide homes for bees and plant bee-friendly plants to bring their population BACK from the brink of extinction, but in no way is it necessary for us to get honey from them in the process. We need them to survive on this planet (and they deserve to live a life free from exploitation like everyone else) so don’t think for a second that I’m not promoting the well-being of bees, but bee re-population has nothing to do with the sale of honey and bee products.

If you really want to save the bees, stop buying cruelly produced (and often pesticide laden) honey and start fighting against Monsanto. We know what is killing the bees, the evidence is right in front of our faces, but Monsanto is wedged so deep in the pockets of politicians that we’ll never get them out until we either rip them out ourselves or watch them wipe out bees while we try.

Sorry to give you the hard truth like that, but I just wish someone had told me when I first went vegan. Hope that helps shed some light on the subject.

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